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Promixis Girder 6 Backend
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This is an image to allow to run the Promixis Girder 6 Home Automation Back end service.
(see to get information about Girder)

This projet has been done to allow to run Promixis Girder on a synology NAS.

To allow the Girder service to work, you must allow the service to find the Girder 6.ini.Licence file.

You have to put it in the folder /opt/girder/qt/etc/xdg/Promixis/ of the docker container.

You can define a docker volume param to map access to the licence file on your harddrive.

By default, Girder Service listen on port 20000 and the web server listen on port 80.
You have to define PORT mapping between your host and the docker container if you want to use these services.

If you want to keep your settings when you reset your container, you can add volume mapping with this folder :
"/root/.local/share/Promixis/Girder 6/"

The folder used by the webserver is "/opt/girder/httpd"; You can define a mapping to an external folder if you want to use your own web files.

By default, the image start the service and display log message. You don't have access to shell.

docker run -d -p 20000:20000 -v /yourlicencepath/:/opt/girder/qt/etc/xdg/Promixis/ --name girdercontainername rgouyet/girder6

If you want to run the image with a shell, you can use this command :

docker run -t -i -p 20000:20000 -v /yourlicencepath/:/opt/girder/qt/etc/xdg/Promixis/ --name girdercontainername rgouyet/girder6 /bin/bash

You can launch the Girder service manualy : /opt/girder/Girder6Service

To access USB ou serial devices you have to add the --privileged parameter and having the drivers for the USB device working on the host that is hosting Docker (not the container).

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