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Dockerized version of the lucinda server (Lucene based indexa)
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Lucinda Dockerfile


docker run -v <host-dir>:/var/lucinda -p 2016:2016 rgwch/lucinda-server:1.0.1

The host dir should be either empty or contain folders named files and index. Files can contain subfolders with files to integrate, and documents dropped there will bew integrated continuously while lucinda-server runs, or when lucinda-server is started the next time. Index is managed entirely by lucinda-server and should not be modified in any way.

The container does not hold any internal state. So if you stop it and run it (or another instance) on the same <host-dir> it will behave exaxtly the same way as if it runs continuously. You should, however, never run more than one instance at the same time on the same <host-dir>, since Lucene (the engine inside of lucinda-server) needs to lock the index directory.

Note for Mac and Windows: At the time of this writing, docker containers can only reach directories within the home directory of the user who started the container.

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