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GENDEV - Genesis development environment for Linux.

Gendev exists to setup a Linux (or presumably other Unix) system for Sega
Genesis development. Gendev is not intended to replace, but to be a companion project to the SGDK
(Sega Genesis Development Kit).


$ git clone
$ cd gendev
$ make 

This will build the entire GCC toolchain for genesis development, plus SGDK.
Build takes about 1 hour on my system. Note this will only create C libraries for the 68K processor. For a 32x SH2

$ make 32x

Now I want to create a project ...

$ cp -r /opt/toolchains/gen/skeleton mycoolproject 
$ cd mycoolproject 

type type type

$ make 

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Build Requirements

On Ubuntu for instance you may want to install the following:

sudo apt-get install build-essential texinfo git

makeinfo is missing

Try installing the 'texinfo' package. On Ubuntu this would be 'sudo apt-get
install texinfo'

How do I build this on *BSD?

Use gmake. Try the following to build the framework:

MAKE=gmake MGET=fetch gmake

And for sgdk

cd sgdk; gmake install

This doesn't work/There is an obvious issue

Please let me know and perhaps file an issue.

Project Structure

  • gendev/Makefile

Makefile for setting up the required build tools. Running this is enough for
a basic development environment.

  • gendev/sgdk/Makefile

Makefile for setting up SGDK for use on Linux

  • gendev/sgdk/skeleton

Some basic files to assist in building SGDK project under Linux.

  • examples

A few examples using this toolkit

  • extras

Other tools and utilities useful for development purposes.

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