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A real-time Redis monitoring tool
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redis-stat is a simple Redis monitoring tool originally written in Ruby by Junegunn Choi

It is based on INFO command of Redis,
and thus generally won't affect the performance of the Redis instance
unlike the other monitoring tools based on MONITOR command.


Assuming you have a redis instance running on, say,

$ docker pull richardhull/redis-stat
$ docker run --name redis-stat -d -p 63790:63790 richardhull/redis-stat --server

If you have several instances running in a cluster, redis-master, redis-slave1 (on port on 6377), redis-slave2 then:

$ docker run --name redis-stat -d -p 63790:63790 richardhull/redis-stat --server redis-master redis-slave1:6377 redis-slave2

Other command line flags can be supplied to provide authentication credentials, update intervals, etc. as below:

-a, --auth=PASSWORD              Password
-v, --verbose                    Show more info
    --style=STYLE                Output style: unicode|ascii
    --no-color                   Suppress ANSI color codes
    --csv=OUTPUT_CSV_FILE_PATH   Save the result in CSV format
    --es=ELASTICSEARCH_URL       Send results to ElasticSearch: [http://]HOST[:PORT][/INDEX]

    --server[=PORT]              Launch redis-stat web server (default port: 63790)
    --daemon                     Daemonize redis-stat. Must be used with --server option.

    --version                    Show version
    --help                       Show this message
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