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Go language development environment
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Golang Development Environment

This is a container for Go language development. The following features are included

  • Centos7 is the base image
  • VIM is installed with customized .vimrc
  • VIM-GO plugin is installed
  • NERDTreeTabs plugin is installed for VIM
  • Go 1.8 is installed
  • Automatically goimports on saving files

Running the Container

To run this container

docker run -it --name golang --net host --log-driver none richarticle/golang-dev

If you want to mount the volume of Go source code

docker run -it --name golang --net host --log-driver none -v /home/user/go:/go richarticle/golang-dev

Partial binaries are already included. If you want to install all binaries, run the following command to get all required binaries for vim.

vim +GoInstallBinaries +qall


In this vim configuration, comma (,) is the leader key.

  • ,<n>: Go to tab n
  • ,b: Go build
  • ,r: Go run
  • ,n: Toggle NERDTreeTabs
  • <C-x><C-o>: Autocompletion
  • ,<space>: No highlight
  • <C-o>: Go back to ealier position.
  • <F1>|,i: Show information of variables, functions, etc.
  • <F2>|,d: Go to definition
  • <F3>: GoReferrers
  • <F5>: Previous tab
  • <F6>: Next tab
  • <F12>: Toggle paste mode

Please refer to for more information.

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