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RHEL 6.2 image with minimal installation
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This is a minimal rhel 6.2 image.

The build procedure is divided into two parts because the linux kernel of rhel 6.2 is lower than the requirement of docker. One is a rhel 6.2 host to package a minimal rhel 6.2 tarfile, the other is any one host which is resided by docker daemon.

You can use the following docker command to run the minimal docker image:

sudo docker run -it richxsl/rhel6.2 /bin/bash

The following describes how to build such a minimal rhel image.


a) make sure you can download yum package from redhat repository which ask you to register to Red Hat Subscription Management. if you don't have the account, you can make a local/ftp yum repository under /etc/yum.repo.d folder from your rhel iso package.

b)if you want to make a rhel6.2 image, your host must be also a rhel6.2 OS.

Build Procedure

1)download binary from or git clone

2)modify the to create a rhel 6.2 minimal tarfile, comment out the following two lines and add the third line as follows:

#tar --numeric-owner -c -C "$target" . | docker import - $name:$version

#docker run -i -t $name:$version echo success

tar --numeric-owner -c -C "$target" . -zf ${name}.tar.gz

3)use command "./ rhel6.2_docker" to create the rhel6.2_docker.tar.gz tarfile.

4) copy the tarfile to another host where a docker daemon is running.

5) use command "cat rhel6.2_docker.tar.gz | sudo docker import - richxsl/rhel6.2" to create a docker rhel6.2 image. You should change the variable YOUR_NAME and the YOUR_NAME is also your docker hub registration name.

That's all, you can use it now.

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