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Short Description
Postgres container for use with MusicBrainz Server
Full Description

musicbrainz-postgres Container

This container is based on the official postgres container. By default it
will create a musicbrainz DB superuser (password same as username) for
MusicBrainz to use.

On first run, it will initialize a database called musicbrainz (installed to
/data), as well. (To change these settings, see Prerequisites section


  1. Optional: I suggest provisioning at least 60GB of host-based disk to mount
    into your musicbrainz-postgres container for the Postgres DB files, instead
    of storing them inside the container, for performance and usability.

  2. Optional: As the MusicBrainz install pulls down a pile of packages and
    Perl modules, I highly suggest setting up an HTTP caching proxy (like Squid)
    and modify the Dockerfile appropriately (see commented-out lines) to use it.
    This will save you lots of time on re-runs.

  3. Optional: To change any of the default postgres settings (user, password,
    database, path, etc), modify the ENV lines in the Dockerfile accordingly.
    (See the official Postgres docker page
    for details.)

Build Instructions

  1. Build musicbrainz-postgres container:
docker build -t musicbrainz-postgres .

Usage Instructions

The base recommended Docker command to run this container is...

docker run -t --rm 5432:5432 --name musicbrainz_postgres musicbrainz_postgres ...

If you have host-based storage available for the Postgres DB files
(recommended), adjust the base command accordingly:

docker run -t --rm  -v /path/to/storage/location:/data -p 5432:5432 --name musicbrainz_postgres musicbrainz_postgres ...
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