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Ubuntu Xenial base image with Mate Desktop Environment installed.
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What is docker-ubuntu-xrdp-mate?

Docker-ubuntu-xrdp-mate is a base image of Ubuntu Zesty with the Mate desktop environment and xrdp installed. It can be used stand alone or as a base for a more personalized desktop environment. Includes Mate and Firefox

How to use this image

You can use this image as a base for your own customized desktop environment.

For example:

FROM rigormortiz/ubuntu-xrdp-mate:zesty


You can also use this image as a stand alone Mate desktop environment.

For example:

docker run -d -P rigormortiz/ubuntu-xrdp-mate:zesty

You can then use docker ps to figure out the port number and point your favorite RDP client at it. The default username and password is desktop. You can also map it to the default RDP port with -p 3389:3389.

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a month ago

@minhyuk the root account is locked. I wouldn't recommend enabling it in a desktop environment. @rattydave added a very useful tip about using sudo in his comment, though. I want to make user management better but simply don't have the time right now

4 months ago

To add your own users. Use this...
Change %USERNAME to the username you want.
Change %PASSWORD to the password you want.

docker exec -it xrdp-box bash -c "useradd -ms /bin/bash %USERNAME"
docker exec -it xrdp-box bash -c "echo %USERNAME:%PASSWORD|chpasswd "

#If you want Sudo Access
docker exec -it xrdp-box bash -c "usermod -aG sudo %USERNAME"

4 months ago

can you provide root password?