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Visualize your nodes and pods in your Kubernetes cluster.
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Visualize Your Kubernetes Cluster

This container polls - by default - every second the k8s API and
extracts the relevant information to create the graph visualization
which is implemented in the HTML file.

The following list shows the values,
that can be configured via env variables:

K8s YAML File to create deployment

Yaml file creates one service and one deployment - with two containers.


By default, the service type is NodePort.
If you are running k8s on a cloud service like AWS or Google
you can also use a LoadBalancer.
Read more about Service Types.


Creates a deployment with two container.

  1. kubectl container, that starts with proxy command so
    the node server can access the k8s api to fetch the required
    information to render the graph.
  2. Node server container. Docker image is available on DockerHub docker pull rilleralle/k8s-graph
    Set env variables to configure node server. See section Node server

Create deployment

$ kubectl apply -f
Docker Pull Command