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DEPRECATED. Use itsziget/letsencrypt-http. Let's Encrypt Docker image using HTTP validation method
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This Docker image helps you validate your domain with Let's Encrypt, so you can create FREE certificates for your domains.

You need to create domain categories under /domains/ directory. Each category is a file containing your domains and the name of the created certificate will be the same as the name of category.




It will be converted to the following command:

certbot certonly \
      --expand \
      --email ${LE_EMAIL} \
      --non-interactive \
      --agree-tos \
      --standalone \
      --preferred-challenges http-01 \
      --http-01-port 9080 \
      --cert-name mydomain.tld \
      -d mydomain.tld -d sub1.mydomain.tld -d sub2.mydomain.tld

To create categories, you can mount the directory from the host:

docker run --rm -it -e LE_EMAIL=youremail@domain.tld -v `pwd`/domains:/domains itsziget/letsencrypt-http 

If you want to create or renew only certain certificates, you can add the name of them at the end of the command:

docker run --rm -it -e LE_EMAIL=youremail@domain.tld -v `pwd`/domains:/domains itsziget/letsencrypt-http "mydomain.tld myotherdomain.tld"

Make sure the name of the categories are enclosed in quotes!

You can schedule this command with CRON to automate the process of renewing certificates.

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