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Docker image based on centos with jdk-8, maven, payara-micro, mongodb, mariadb, solr, and git
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This docker image is based on centos and contains the following software:


There are a few things that differentiate this image from others out there. First of all, the included version of java has BouncyCastle included as a security provider. By default, OpenJDK does not support Ecliptic Curve key exchange protocols. BouncyCastle adds this feature to OpenJDK.

Second, this image includes various scripts that can be used to start MongoDB, MariaDB, and Solr. To start MongoDB or MariaDB, simply execute startmongo or startmysql from a shell. To start solr, execute startsolr and give it the location of your solr configs. The default value is config/solr. To be clear, this should be the folder that has a 'configsets' and 'cores' folder. These two folders may define as many solr cores as desired. The startsolr script will create all of them in solr and then launch solr.

Currently, this image is primarily useful for testing. Bitbucket has a new feature called Pipelines that provides continuous integration testing. Pipelines will spin up a new docker container using the image that you specify and then execute the code that you specify inside this container. For an example of Bitbucket Pipelines in action, see

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