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controlled image for executing meteor bundles
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controlled image for executing meteor bundles.
See the documentation in the wiki for an introduction to the whole deployment process.


Specify the bundle as a volume mounted at /bundle/*.tar.gz or /bundle/bundle
and set environment variables to control meteor options.
Specifying it as a directory (meteor build --directory or uncompressing beforehand) should always be preferred
because virtualized decompression has poor performance.

A settings.json file may be placed at /opt/settings.json and is loaded and injected at runtime.

The image can be wrapped in another image containing the bundle and settings,
which can be versioned and saved to a private repository (see deployments repo).


The latest tag is built from the master branch and should usually be up to date with the latest version of meteor.
It is however recommended to explicitly depend on meteor versions using docker tags like meteor-builder:1.4.2 (especially in FROM directives in Dockerfiles).

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