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Alpine-based Node.js images
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RisingStack Docker Images

In this repo you can find different Linux distributions with Node.js.


The tags has the following format: X-Y-X, where:

  • X stands for the version of the OS of the base image
  • Y stands for the Node.js version included in the image
  • Z stands for general semantic version of this repository

For first it may seem strange / too complex, but with this you can be sure that
you are using immutable Docker images, as we will never overwrite existing tags.

You can find all the images and tags on the RisingStack Docker Hub.


FROM risingstack/alpine:3.3-v4.2.6-1.1.3

COPY package.json package.json
RUN npm install

# Add your source files
COPY . .
CMD ["npm","start"]

Alpine-based images

Alpine linux

  • Node.js v4.2.4: docker pull risingstack/alpine:3.3-v4.2.6-1.1.3
  • Node.js v5.3.0: docker pull risingstack/alpine:3.3-v5.5.0-1.1.3
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Comments (10)
a year ago

I so sorry for my coment before.
The last tag doesn't stand for the npm version.

a year ago

if not assign version, docker raise Pulling repository
Tag latest not found in repository

a year ago


Are you guys doing a 6.4.0 node image?

a year ago


What is ETA for Alpine:3.4 builds? They pushed it 26 min ago.

a year ago

When I download any of the images, docker tells me that the size is a lot larger than what it's promoted in the page. So instead of having a 84 MBs image I end up with a 250 MBs size image.

2 years ago


Yes, when I used your alpine image, all my DNS resolution between services on Tutum broke. I had to go back to the official node:4.3.1.

2 years ago

hey bstahlhood,

the base alpine image it uses support those DNS queries - did you run into any issues?

also, proper dns resolution is coming to the official alpine image, it is already available on alpine:edge

2 years ago

This seems to have the same DNS issues as most of the Alpine images available. You can not use this with Tutum/Docker Cloud due to DNS resolution not working.

2 years ago

added, as well as 5.7.0

2 years ago