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PXE iPXE TFTP server via Docker
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A very minimal TFTP server running on Alpine 3.5 in a Docker container to serve

Git Repo:

Docker Hub:


Run the docker container:

docker run -p 69:69/udp rjocoleman/

# OR

docker create \ \
 --restart=always \
 -p 69:69/udp \

Set your DHCP options (standard PXE boot stuff):

next-server # your docker host (or container static IP)
filename # or


You could also use a Docker network to give the container its own discrete IP to avoid collision with other port 69/udp running on the host.

I noticed an iPXE error once when selecting a menu item that downloaded an application from a remote source. Disabling signature checks (in the menu) bypasses the error.

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