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Cloud9 IDE SDK with nvm and node development tools
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Cloud9 IDE container with NVM

Cloud9 IDE SDK container with git, python, nvm and node LTS (8) installed, with the typescript and typings modules.

To build the container:

git clone
cd docker-c9-node

# To build the x86 version
docker build --rm -t c9-node .

To run:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 -p 3000:3000 -p 3001:3001 -p 5858:5858 \
           -v </my/node/app/folder>:/home/c9/dev \
           -v </my/static/content/folder>:/home/c9/www \
           -e C9_PASSWORD=mypassword \
           --name c9-node c9-node


The container is intended to provide a node development environment with the Cloud9 IDE. By convention, your node app should be installed under /home/c9/dev, and any static resources you want to serve should be under /home/c9/www

However, this container does not include any http server. It relies on an external http(s) server to serve the static content and proxy the application port.

The volumes should be writable by user c9, which has uid 1000 and gid 1000.

Environment Variables

The container accepts a single environment variable, C9_PASSWORD, with the password for the cloud9 default admin user.


The container exposes:

  • The c9 IDE at port 8080
  • Your Node app at port 3000
  • Ports 3001 and 5858, intended for Node Inspector
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