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grnet/snf-vncauthproxy dockerized
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grnet/snf-vncauthproxy dockerized

This is an image containing grnet/snf-vncauthproxy. It needs a users file, and for ssl operation it needs
key.pem and cert.pem, which all are searched in /data in the container. So, /data should be prepared and mounted

To create the first password:

docker run --rm -it -v \
           $(pwd)/vncapdata:/data rkojedzinszky/snf-vncauthproxy-docker \
           sh -c 'vncauthproxy-passwd /data/users admin && chgrp vncauthproxy /data/users && chmod 640 /data/users'

After, start the container:

docker run -d -v $(pwd)/vncapdata:/data --name vncap --network=host rkojedzinszky/snf-vncauthproxy-docker

NOTE that the control port 24999 is bound on, so use firewall rules to restrict access.

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