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Prepares the PostgreSQL database container creating the necessary user, database, tables and test entry, for use by OpenID-Connect image that uses Brent Shaffer's PHP version of OpenID Connect 1.0.
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Prepares the PostgreSQL database container with the docker user and database for use by OpenID-Connect image.

This repository is a Docker image build directory maintained
by R.K. Owen, Ph.D.

It's assumed you have some passing knowledge of Docker containers and how
to use them. If not then browse and try them
out for yourself.

Also it's assumed some knowledge of the PostgreSQL relational database and
its tools.

The PostgreSQL-* images rely on the "official" PostgreSQL Docker image,
which should be downloaded to your local set of images with:

    docker pull postgres:9.3.4

Run this image with something like this:

    docker run --name pgsql-server --detach=true postgres:9.3.4

To directly access the PostreSQL database from the commandline tool then
do the following:

    docker run -it --link pgsql-server:postgres            \
        --rm --name pgsql-client                \
        postgres:9.3.4                        \
        sh -c 'exec psql -h "$POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR" -p "$POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT" -U postgres'

With this you can query the database, create new users (roles) or databases,
or spawn an interactive shell to poke around the OS.


This image prepares the PostgreSQL database image with the docker user and
database, along with creating some tables with a test entry for use by
the OpenID-Connect image.

This only needs to be run once!

docker run -t --link pgsql-server:postgres                              \
        --rm --name pgsql-prep                                          \
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