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Grab individual files from your private github repo using token.
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Simply get a list of files from a (possibly private) github repo. You
will need your github token for private repos.


Concatenate a list of files to stdout:

REPO=myorg/myrepo \
TOKEN=123 \
github-get path/to/file

You may write to local files using the syntax src:dest:

REPO=myorg/myrepo \
TOKEN=123 \
github-get \
path/to/file1:/tmp/one \

It is fine to mix the stdout and src:dest syntax if you wish.


Comes with Dockerfile. I build image as follows:

CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux go build -a -tags netgo -ldflags '-w' github-get.go
docker build -r rlister/github-get .

You can pull ready-made image from docker hub:

docker pull rlister/github-get

and run it:

docker run \
  -e REPO=myorg/myrepo \
  -e TOKEN=123 \
  rlister/github-get path/to/file1
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