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rm3 is a system for managing stuff on the web.
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rm3 Docker Container

What is it?

rm3 is not just a blog engine, but it's still lighter-weight and friendlier than those enterprise-grade CMS systems. Conceptually, it is to Drupal as Ghost is to WordPress.

rm3 is able work as a blog, a wiki, a photo archive, or some combination of those... and more.

rm3 has blog-styled views such that you can post a series of dated blog articles and view them as such. But every entity on the site has a history, like how a wiki works. Like some of those enterprise CMS systems, you aren't restricted to just creating a mere list of posts.

rm3 has rapidly improving support for media: It supports photos, but it also supports SVG vector graphics and audio files.

Release Status

This is currently in ALPHA state, defined as:

  • I'm running it in production
  • Key features are not missing
  • Any data you put in here you should be prepared to reconstruct without the benefit of a migration tool (but I'm going to try very hard to avoid that)
  • Security and stability bugs are to be expected.
  • Some stable internal APIs will be present.

The next milestone is BETA, defined as:

  • Key features are not missing
  • Any data you put in here should be able to be migrated with an offline migration where you need to shut down the site momentarily
  • Stability bugs are to be expected.
  • Stable APIs will be present.

How to get started?

See Docker Compose

This container expects to store blobs at /src/node_modules/rm3/blobs/

The only configuration supported is via environment variables, see environment variable documentation for details.

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