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Collectd Docker Image

This image provides a Dockerized collectd configuration to gather operating system statistics from the underlying Docker host instead of a container where it's launched.

The collectd agent started within the container is automatically configured to send metrics into your Axibase Time Series Database instance using the write_atsd plugin. The target ATSD instance is specified in the --atsd-url argument.

Prepare Image

Docker Hub

docker pull axibase/collectd

Build Image from Sources

  • Download Dockerfile to a Docker host connected to

  • Build image

docker build -t axibase/collectd .

Download Image

  • Download a pre-built image file from

  • Import the image into the Docker host

docker load < docker-axibase-collectd.tar.gz

Start Container

Basic Configuration

  • Start Docker container
docker run -d -v /:/rootfs:ro --pid=host --net=host \
    --name=collectd axibase/collectd \

lvs Configuration

This configuration gathers data from the lvs command and therefore requires additional privileges.

docker run -d -v /:/rootfs:ro --privileged=true \
    --pid=host --net=host \
    --name=collectd axibase/collectd \
    --atsd-url=tcp://atsd_host:tcp_port \


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