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Minimal Node / IOJS image based on debian:wheezy
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Minimal node.js / io.js build based on debian:wheezy and the original node:slim. Sticking with lts at the moment for compatibility.

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:latest

Node Versions

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:latest - v5.10.1

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:lts - v4.4.2

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:0.12.13

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:0.10.44

io.js Versions Supported:

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:3.3.1

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:3.1.0

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:3.0.0

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:2.5.0

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:2.4.0

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:2.3.4

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:2.3.3

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:2.3.1

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.7.1

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.6.4

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.6.3

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.6.2

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.6.1

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.6.0

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.5.1

docker pull rnbwd/node-io:1.5.0

For RaspberryPI, use the rpi branch

Feel free to submit an issue or pull request if you'd like other versions of node / iojs suported. My goal is support IOJS > 1.5. Node will be updated with the most recent npm version, and iojs will come as is.


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