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Docker Backup to Amazon S3

Credit: istepanov - Ilya Stepanov

Forked from to allow support for
latest s3cmd rather than relying on outdated ubuntu version (v1.1 on apt vs 1.52 at time of writing).

Docker container that periodically backups files to Amazon S3 using s3cmd sync and cron.


docker run -d [OPTIONS] robbydooo/docker-backup-to-s3


  • -e ACCESS_KEY=<AWS_KEY>: Your AWS key.
  • -e SECRET_KEY=<AWS_SECRET>: Your AWS secret.
  • -e S3_PATH=s3://<BUCKET_NAME>/<PATH>/: S3 Bucket name and path. Should end with trailing slash.
  • -v /path/to/backup:/data:ro: mount target local folder to container's data folder.

Optional parameters:

  • -e DATA_PATH=/data/: container's data folder. Default is /data/. Should end with trailing slash.
  • -e 'CRON_SCHEDULE=0 1 * * *': specifies when cron job starts (details). Default is 0 1 * * * (runs every day at 1:00 am).


docker run -d \
    -e ACCESS_KEY=fakeawskey \
    -e SECRET_KEY=fakeawssecret \
    -e S3_PATH=s3://my-bucket/backup/ \
    -v /home/user/data:/data:ro     \    
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