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A container to function as a proxy. Other containers can link to this one for their web access.
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A container to function as a proxy, based on Cntlm. Other containers can link to this one for their web access. This container authenticates to an external proxy and can be used by other containers without authentication details.

              +- - - - - - -+  +- - - - - - - - -+
              | no password |  | password (hash) |
              +- - - - - - -+  +- - - - - - - - -+
                      |              |
+------------------+  V   +-------+  V   +-----------------+      +----------+
| your workstation | ---> | cntlm | ---> | corporate proxy | ---> | internet |
+------------------+      +-------+      +-----------------+      +----------+

Generating a password hash

A password hash needs te be generated once, after which is can be used when running the proxy.

docker run \
  robertdebock/docker-cntlm \
  /bin/sh -c \
  "echo Password YoUrPaSsWoRd > /etc/cntlm.conf ; \
  /usr/sbin/cntlm -H \
  -u username \
  -d mydomain"


  • YoUrPaSsWoRd for your own password.
  • username for your own username.
  • mydomain for you own domain.

You'll seen output like this:

PassLM          1AD35398BE6565DDB5C4EF70C0593492
PassNT          77B9081511704EE852F94227CF48A793
PassNTLMv2      640937B847F8C6439D87155508FA8479    # Only for user 'username', domain 'mydomain'

Running the proxy

To run the proxy:

  • you'll need the PASSNTLMV2 hash generated in the step before.
  • you'll also need the proxy to send traffic to.

This is an example of how to run this container.

docker run \
-e "USERNAME=username" \
-e "DOMAIN=mydomain" \
-e "PASSNTLMV2=640937B847F8C6439D87155508FA8479" \
-e "PROXY=" \

Other settings you might want to use are:

Variable Description
LISTEN The IP/hostname and port (separated by a colon) to listen to. I.e. ""
PASSNTLMV2 Required for auth method Auth NTLMv2.
PASSNT Required for auth method Auth NTLM2SR, Auth NT and Auth NTLM.
PASSLM Required for auth method Auth LM and Auth NTLM.
OPTIONS Optional variable to enable cntlm features. I.e. for debugging: "-v".

Find technical details here.

Using in Docker Compose

You can use this container quite well in a docker-compose. Docker compose can simply be used to run as a stand-alone proxy. In that case the docker-compose.yml simply saves all variable, and can be started by running:

docker-compose up

You can also add the cntlm service in a set of other containers, and let (outgoing) traffic from you application go through the cntlm proxy.

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