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FORTE is a Framework for Optimization of Regression TEsting
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FORTE Dockerfile

This repository contains docker images for the FORTE framework.


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Download docker image: docker pull robertfeldt/forte


docker run -it robertfeldt/forte forte

to see the commands available. More information and help by running either of the commands below.

To print the README:

docker run -it robertfeldt/forte forte readme

To find information about how to map input files into the docker file:

docker run -it robertfeldt/forte forte helpdocker

Example of how to run FORTE for common use cases:

docker run -it robertfeldt/forte forte examples

More detailed help about a forte command (here for the "prio" command):

docker run -it robertfeldt/forte forte help prio

Complex but realistic actual use example which performs analysis and then starts web server:

docker run -it -p 42426:42426 -v /Users/feldt/dev/forte/test/data:/data robertfeldt/forte:latest forte prio myinputfile.csv myproject --webserver --rcol=6 --tccol1=4 --tccol2=3 --tccol3=5 --secol1=1 --includecol=2

Same but serving the web pages on a different port:

docker run -it -p 42567:42567 -v /Users/feldt/dev/forte/test/data:/data robertfeldt/forte:latest forte prio myinputfile.csv myproject --webserver --rcol=6 --tccol1=4 --tccol2=3 --tccol3=5 --secol1=1 --includecol=2 --port=42567
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