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I want to experiment with using Docker containers as short-lived, sandboxed development environments. This repo can be used to create a Docker image containing my usual Ruby/Rails development toolchain of:

  • rvm (with Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.0, 2.1.5, and 2.2.0 installed)
  • tmux
  • vim
  • zsh

It is also available as an image on DockerHub:

Some example usages:

//create a new container, starts you in a zsh shell in the ruby_dev user's home dir
docker run -it robertjlooby/ruby_dev

//create a new container with your ssh keys mounted for the ruby_dev user
//(ex. to push to git repos from inside the container)
//this works for me on OSX because the ruby_dev UID is hard-coded to 1000, YMMV
docker run -it -v /Users/your-user/.ssh:/home/ruby_dev/.ssh:ro robertjlooby/ruby_dev

//create a new container to edit/run code from your host machine in the container
docker run -it -v /Users/your-user/project:/home/ruby_dev/project robertjlooby/ruby_dev
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