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A Docker image for the `flocker-volumes` command from ClusterHQ/unofficial-docker-tools
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flocker-volumes requires two parameters: The location of certificates directory, containing user.crt and user.key, and the IP address of the control service.
These are supplied through a volume and environment variable:

docker run -v /path/to/your/certs:/certs -e CONTROL_SERVICE=

Optionally the control service port can be specified with the CONTROL_PORT environment variable.


docker run -v .:/certs -e CONTROL_SERVICE= robhaswell/flocker-volumes --help
Usage: flocker-volumes [options]
      --cluster-yml=      Location of cluster.yml file (makes other options
                          unnecessary) [default: ./cluster.yml]
      --certs-path=       Path to certificates folder [default: .]
      --user=             Name of user for which .key and .crt files exist
                          [default: user]
      --cluster-crt=      Name of cluster cert file [default: cluster.crt]
      --control-service=  Hostname or IP of control service
      --control-port=     Port for control service REST API [default: 4523]
      --version           Display Twisted version and exit.
      --help              Display this help and exit.
    create          create a flocker dataset
    destroy         mark a dataset to be deleted
    list            list flocker datasets
    list-nodes      show list of nodes in the cluster
    move            move a dataset from one node to another
    version         show version information
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