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Dockerfile for github-salto.


The first time this container is run you must generate an auth token.
This is done interactively, so -ti must be passed to the docker run command.
The token must be stored in a persistent volume.
On the container path for this volume is /github-salto/data.

$ docker run -ti -v /opt/github-salto:/github-salto/data robhaswell/github-salto auth
Github username: ***
Github password: ***

To generate a dependency graph use create <username> <repository>.
The output can be piped to dot to output a PDF file.

$ docker run -v /opt/github-salto:/github-salto/data \
    robhaswell/github-salto create myusername myrepository \
    | docker run -i robhaswell/dot -T pdf > graph.pdf

See for more information.

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