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A activated Unity Personal installation on Linux installed with all required dependencies.
Full Description

Docker Images Repo

This repository contains build information for different docker images that are built and published by docker hub.

You can find the finished images HERE

Repository setup

Every sub-directory represents a docker hub image entry. If there are multiple tags/versions required a branch on this repository is created for every version that is needed. The branches start with the sub-directory name followed by a ''. Everything of the branch name after the first '' is used as tag name for the docker image tag.

Docker hub settings for build trigger:

SourceType:             "Branch"
Source:                 "/^<imageName>_(.*)$/"
Docker Tag:             "{\1}"
Dockerfile location:    "Dockerfile"
Build Context:          "/<imageName>/"

The variable <imageName> has to be replaced with the docker image name and has to match with the sub-directory of this repository.



Unity3d images that contains an activated Unity standalone installation. This can be used for builds but also other tasks like building .unitypackage files from repositories. Used in FishmanNavigation to automatically build .unitypackage files when new changes are pushed.


To build NuGet packages in a CI environment. NuGet is officially only supported on Windows. But using Mono it also works on Linux. This image also includes dotnet core sdk to build .net core libraries.

Docker Pull Command