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On the fly image resizing
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<h1>Tachyon Docker</h1>
Containerised Tachyon server for on the fly image resizing.
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A <strong><a href="">Human Made</a></strong> project. Maintained by @roborourke.
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You can pull the latest image using:

docker pull humanmade/tachyon

Or build the Dockerfile locally using:

git clone --recursive
cd tachyon-docker
docker build --tag humanmade/tachyon ./

The container should always be run with the following environment variables:

docker run -d \
  --name tachyon
  -e AWS_REGION=<region> \
  -e AWS_S3_BUCKET=<bucket> \
  -e AWS_S3_ENDPOINT=<endpoint>

You may need to ensure that the container can see your S3 server. There
are a few ways to do this:

  1. Add to the hosts file when running the container using

    --add-host <s3-host>:<ip>
  2. Link the container to your s3 container and use that endpoint

    --link s3
    -e AWS_S3_ENDPOINT=http://s3:<s3-port>/


This repo comes with a Vagrantfile to let you set up a local instance
or instances of Tachyon coupled to a fake S3 server courtesy of
the fake-s3 project.

Vagrant Plugins

You'll need to install two Vagrant plugins for this container to provision correctly.

  1. vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater
  2. vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Make sure to do a recursive clone of this repo:

git clone --recursive
cd tachyon-docker
vagrant up

You'll get 2 servers by default:

tchyn.srv # Tachyon image proxy server
s3.srv    # Fake S3 server

The S3 server can be used locally by providing the endpoint argument
to your AWS client be it the CLI, JS or PHP SDKs.


To use this with WordPress and the
S3-Uploads plugin locally you
would add the following to your config file:

define( 'S3_UPLOADS_BUCKET_URL', 'http://s3.srv/local' );
define( 'S3_UPLOADS_BUCKET', 'local' );

// These can be any non falsy value
define( 'S3_UPLOADS_KEY', 'missing' );
define( 'S3_UPLOADS_SECRET', 'missing' );
define( 'S3_UPLOADS_REGION', 'eu-west-1' );

And add a small script to your mu-plugins folder:

add_filter( 's3_uploads_s3_client_params', function( $params ) {
    $params['endpoint'] = 'http://s3.srv/';
    $params['path_style'] = true;
    //$params['debug'] = true; // Useful if things aren't working to double check IPs etc
    return $params;
} );

You can then install the
WordPress Tachyon plugin
and configure it:

// Tachyon URL
define( 'TACHYON_URL', 'http://tchyn.srv/uploads' );
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