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A pelican development environment. Setup with everything needed to run the python unittests
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A docker container with all of the packages required to run the pelican tests. Useful if you have made changes to the pelican code base and want to test prior to submitting a pull request

I had difficulty in setting up the environment on my ubuntu linux laptop and wanted a fresh ubuntu install with all the required dev packages.

How to use this image

Bind mount your directory where you have made the changes to pelican

docker run -it --name pelican-dev -v $PWD:/home/test/src/repo-to-test  robren/pelican-dev
  • Once inside the image, activate the virtualenv
  • Check all tests are working on a fresh pelican install
  • All tests should pass
test@2fe5561d5ad2:~$ cd /home/test
test@2fe5561d5ad2:~$ source virtualenvs/pelican/bin/activate
(pelican) test@2fe5561d5ad2:~$ ls
src  virtualenvs
(pelican) test@2fe5561d5ad2:~$ cd src/pelican

(pelican) test@2fe5561d5ad2:~/src/pelican$ python -m unittest discover
Ran 187 tests in 3.915s

OK (skipped=21)

I've not dug into how to run the skipped tests.

Now test your modified repo

cd /home/src/repo-to-test
python -m unittest discover

The dockerfile may be found at

TODO: This is a large image, mainly due to all of the testing infrastructure. Possible future work is to experiment with installing the environment within Alpine linux.

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