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Chado Loading Helper

This docker image is to help get a new chado database up and running


Create a new database container and user 'chadouser'

docker run -d --name db postgres

Now that you've got a blank database, we'll create a new user
'chadouser' inside that database:

docker run --rm --link db:chado postgres \
    createuser \
    --host chado \
    --username postgres \
    --createdb \
    --echo \
    --login \

Load the basic schema

docker run --rm --link db:chado robsyme/chado-helper make load_schema
docker run --rm --link db:chado robsyme/chado-helper make prepdb

Load the ontologies

This step is interactive so that you can specify which ontologies you
wish to load

docker run --rm --link db:chado --interactive --tty robsyme/chado-helper make ontologies

Backup the sql

Now is probably a good time to take a snapshot of the database so that
you can get back to a clean slate if needed. You can dump the sql to
the current directory using:

docker run --rm --link db:chado -v $PWD:/dump postgres \
    pg_dump \
    -h chado \
    -U postgres \
    -f /dump/chado_dump.sql\
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