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Docker CRON

docker-cron is a cron service for Docker containers.

Building your cron image

Create a Dockerfile with the following contents:

FROM rochacon/docker-cron

Now, create a folder jobs and place your jobs definitions in it. Here is a sample job definition:

// This is a simple Hello world job that will run every 10 seconds
    "Id": "docker-hello-world-cron-id",
    "Interval": "*/10 * * * * *",
    "Name": "docker-hello-world",
    "Container": {
        "Cmd": ["echo", "$DISCLAIMER"],
        "Image": "busybox",
        "Env": [
            "DISCLAIMER=Hello World"

The Interval field must be the cron expression. Reference:
The Name field is optional and can be used to guarantee that only one instance of the job will run at a time.
The Container field is the description of the container and may include these fields:

Now build your cron image:

docker build -t my-docker-cron .


Now that we built our cron image, let's run it. docker-cron uses the DOCKER_HOST environment variable to comunicate with your Docker instance and defaults to unix://var/run/docker.sock.

To run the docker-cron with a local Docker instance:

docker run -d --name docker-cron -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:rw my-docker-cron

Or with a remote Docker instance:

docker run -d --name docker-cron -e DOCKER_HOST=tcp://remote-docker.domain:2375 my-docker-cron

:warning: Currently TLS connection is not supported.



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