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spring-boot application that provides extended toggl-reports per team-member
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Tiny SpringBoot-Application, build with vaadin and mongodb, that pulls your TimeEntries of your workspace from toggl.
The stored information allow a fine grained reporting and analysis that aren't possible within toggl.
Some Report examples:

  • Daily working hours of each team-member in comparison
  • Worked hours within week per each member
  • earned money, average hours per day etc.

Why we've build this app: As a small software mill we need to track your employee's time and perform some checks. Furthermore detailed reportings and performance indicators encourage everybody within the team.


docker run -ti --rm -e SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI=mongodb://mongo/toggl-report -p 8080:8080 --link mongo:mongo rocketbaseio/toggl-reporter


At first run an admin user with password admin wil get created. After login the application ask's for an toggl-api-token. All configurations, tokens etc. will get stored to your mongodb.

It's recommended to change the password of the admin-user!


  • SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI (for example mongodb://mongo/toggl-report)
  • APPLICATION_TITLE (will get displayed on login screen and header or menu)
  • default spring boot parameters like port etc.


github rocketbase-io/toggl-reporter

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