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Short Description -- Radeon Open Compute images
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Update: 10/18/2017 -- ROCm v1.6.4 images now available

Radeon Open Compute Platform for docker

This repository contains a framework for building the software layers defined in the Radeon Open Compute Platform into portable docker images. The following are docker dependencies, which should be installed on the target machine.

ROCm-docker quick start videos

Install rocm-kernel

In order to successfully use this image, the host needs the ROCm kernel with kernel modules installed and running on one of the above supported platforms. The following video demonstrates how to install the ROCm kernel on an Ubuntu platform

Running a prompt in a rocm container

The following command creates a fresh ROCm container and loads a bash prompt ready for work

docker run -it --device=/dev/kfd --device=/dev/dri --group-add video rocm/rocm-terminal

or if using docker-compose (requires docker-compose.yml generated from github repo

sudo docker-compose run --rm rocm

Commit container state to a new docker image

Docker containers are typically ephemeral, and discarded after closing the container with the '--rm' flag to docker run. However, there are times when it is desirable to close a container with arbitrary work in it, and serialize back into a new docker image. This may be to to create a checkpoint in a long and complicated series of instructions, or it may be desired to share the image with others through a docker registry, such as docker hub. The following video demonstrates the commit process.

sudo docker ps -a
sudo docker commit <container-name> <new-image-name>
sudo docker images
Docker Pull Command