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Short Description
(NAS) - docker speedtest analyser tool with web interface to monitor your internet speed connection
Full Description

Docker Speedtest Analyser

Automated docker speedtest analyser tool with included web interface to monitor your internet speed connection over time. Setup at home on your NAS (Synology, QNAP tested) and the container runs hourly speedtests. The speedtest results are displayed in an webinterface as line graph(s) over the day.

This tool was created in reference to this reddit post.
It used speedtest-cli to make speedtests and log them into a CSV file.
After that you can visit the web interface to view a hourly - time filterable reports about
your internet connectivity speed.


Docker Hub Image

You can get the publicly available docker image at the following location: roest/docker-speedtest-analyser.


  1. The speedtest runs hourly
  2. No environment variables
  3. nginx is prepared but not configured for SSL yet
  4. data is saved in a .csv under /var/www/html/data/result.csv
  5. First speedtest will be executed in container build


The SpeedTest analyser should to run out of the box with docker.

Important: To keep the history of speedtest within a rebuild of
the container please moint a volume in /var/www/html/data/


  1. Moint host volume onto /var/www/html/data/
  2. Map preferred host port on port 80
  3. Build container from image
  4. Enjoy continious speed statistics after a while


You can configure the visualization frontend via volume in

Libs used

  1. Bootstrap 4 - alpha
  2. Chart.js
  3. daterangepicker.js
  4. moment.js
  5. papaparse
  6. speedtest-cli
Disclaimer / Off topic

I've written this small tool for private use on my Synology NAS.
The original twitter function is removed in this version.

If you want to contribute and report / fix bugs or bring the feature stuff written for your
own setup, don't be shy.

have fun and test your speeeeed :)

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Comments (2)
2 months ago

Hey peter,
Thanks for using the speedtest analyser.
It sounds like your Graph displaying a range where is no data available.
Please wait 2 hours or manually run the scripts/ to get another data line and refresh the page.
Be also sure the measurements got a new line in the csv.

It also can be a bug - so if you still have problems please open a bug in

2 months ago

Hi Tobias, am using on Syn NAS 916+. Speedtest is working and updating the CSV with measurements. Graph does though not update (empty chart displayed with no values, x-axis scale values are shown as "invalid date")