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Shinken Basic

It has basic shinken installation along with few must have modules like WebUI2 (Web Interface), standard nrpe plugins + few extra ones, nrpe-booster support and a lightweight web server (nginx).

How to run:

$ git clone
$ cd docker_shinken/shinken_basic
$ sudo docker run -d -v "$(pwd)/custom_configs:/etc/shinken/custom_configs" -p 80:80 rohit01/shinken

Once done, visit this url: http://localhost/
Default credentials: admin/admin


  • custom_configs/: Add all you configuration files here.
  • custom_configs/htpasswd.users: Define user login credentials here. Documentation is written as comments in this file.
  • The nrpe plugins installation directory is /usr/lib/nagios/plugins.
  • If you are using custom NRPE plugins, please mount your plugins directory inside docker container at /usr/local/custom_plugins. You need to define resource paths accordingly.

Docker registry link:

Alternative Installation:

Using docker-compose and local files:

It is possible to create a customized instance of the Docker image building it from the source.
To do this, make any changes that you need to shinken.cfg inside the shinken folder and then build using the provided docker-compose.yml file provided that docker compose is installed.

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up -d

If everything worked correctly then browse to the site. If there are problems then run docker-compose up without the -d flag and look at the command output to make sure that everything is running as it should.

WebUI2 - Using the worldmap:

The worldmap plugin has been added. In order to use it you need to customize the file shinken/webui2_worldmap.cfg.

Change the map initial location in the file by modifying the lines


Then in your host or in a host template you need the following attributes:


For example for each one of my closets I have a template which only contains the location
the name is map-[closet_name] . All the hosts in that closet then get added this host template
which then can be conveniently added without having to work with lat and lng coordinates

    # A sample location host template
    define host {
      name        map-rcs-idf01
      _LOC_LAT    32.497316
      _LOC_LNG    -114.782483
      register    0
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