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Aspnet Vnext Docker Image

  • This repository hosts the Dockerfile used to create the image at []. Compared to other aspnetvnext docker images this does not include samples to run and expects those files to be outside of the docker image.

  • This is built from the aspnet vnext dev branch so still very much in the experimental stage.

  • Builds the mono 3.8.0 version since 3.10.0 at the point this image was created was not stable enough.

Getting Docker image of aspnetvnext

  • Pulling the image
    docker pull rokadias/aspnetvnext
  • or clone repository and build docker image
    git clone ~/docker-aspnetvnext
    cd ~/docker-aspnetvnext
    docker build --tag rokadias/aspnetvnext .

Getting source code for running with aspnetvnext (Optional)

This is optional in case you would like to use as sample aspnet site.

  mkdir ~/aspnet
  cd ~/aspnet
  git clone
  cd HelloWorldVNext/src
  ln -s helloworldweb web

The last bit is to make sure there is a folder under the root of the project to /src/web that represents what website to run. Feel free to do the same with any of the samples under [].

Running a container with the image and source code available.

  • Interactively running the image
    docker run -itp 80:5000 --rm -v ~/aspnet/HelloWorldVNext:/var/aspnet rokadias/aspnetvnext
  • Detached running the image
    docker run -ditp 80:5000 -v ~/aspnet/HelloWorldVNext:/var/aspnet rokadias/aspnetvnext

  • Port 5000 is used from david fowler's sample and is being remapped to port 80 on localhost this is based on the source code being used.

  • The entry point will run kpm restore on the base of volume being attached and will then run k web on the src/web directory within that volume. That is why a symbolic link was created above.
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