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A simple networked SoftHSM
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A simple Dockerfile that wraps SoftHSM using PKCS11-Proxy in order
to help test software that interacts with network connected HSMs (and move
signing completely out of process when using SoftHSM locally). Requires
the PKCS11-proxy module to communicate.

The Slot 0 PIN is set to 1234 and the SO PIN is 0000. Port 5657 is exposed for
PKCS11 communication. key.pem should be replaced with something actually useful
before building the Docker image.

# build/run the container
$ docker build -t some-unique-name .
$ docker run some-unique-name

$ PKCS11_PROXY_SOCKET="tcp://" pkcs11-tool --module=/usr/lib/  -L Available
Available slots:
Slot 0 (0x0): SoftHSM
  token label        : key
  token manufacturer : SoftHSM
  token model        : SoftHSM
  token flags        : rng, login required, PIN initialized, token initialized, other flags=0x40
  hardware version   : 1.3
  firmware version   : 1.3
  serial num         : 1

This is not safe. It will not protect your keys. Don't use it for real things.

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