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Dockerfile for Invoice Ninja
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Currently abandoned, please check the repository and build the image yourself

Dockerfile for Invoice Ninja

With this Dockerfile you can build a Docker image for Invoice Ninja

How to use

This image build is based on the docker image of tutum-docker-php so it does not provide a mysql server. To use the image there are several ways.

Use a Remote Database host

run the image from the repository

docker run -d --name invoice-ninja -e "DATBASE_TYPE=mysql" -e "DATBASE_HOST=db" -e "DATBASE_NAME=ninja" -e "DATBASE_USER=ninja" -e "DATBASE_PASSWORD=ninja" -p 80:80 rollbrettler/invoice-ninja

These are the default environment variables. Change the values to your server credentials.

Use a docker mysql container

You first need to initialize the database container with a name.

docker run --name some-db-name -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -P -d mysql

After that, you need to connect to your mysql container and execute the sql that is recommended by invoice ninja developers. You find a copy in this repository (database-setup.sql)

Now you can start your invoice docker container

docker run -d --name invoice-ninja --link some-db-name:db -p 80:80 rollbrettler/invoice-ninja

Thats it your Invoice Ninja container is running.

How to build

  1. Clone the whole repo to your local machine
  2. update the submodules with git submodule foreach git pull
  3. change the directory to invoice-ninja src cd invoice-ninja/invoice-ninja
  4. install the dependencies of Invoice Ninja composer install and bower install
  5. change back to root of repository cd ../../
  6. use docker build to build the image docker build -t="invoice-ninja" invoice-ninja/

Your image is now ready to use on your local machine

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