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tvheadend container for Raspberry PIBased on Arch Linux container.
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Turn your RPI has a TV broadcaster for your local network.


  • a Raspberry PI (or a clone working with ARM processor)
  • a working Docker environment
  • a DVB adapter
    • supported by tvheadend
    • supported by your host linux distribution with correct driver


Due to the small raspberry's processor, transcoding is not enabled.
For the same reason, it is best to use a wired network.
You can try with wifi G / N in a really good condition

Average network usage

On a 100BASE-TX network with 1 client and with a DVB-T adapter

TV SD : up to 5Mb
TV HD : up to 11Mb


docker run --name tvheadend -p 9981:9981 -p 9982:9982 -v /my/persistent/directory/tvheadend:/config -v /tmp:/records --privileged romainf/rpi-tvheadend

/config is the directory where persistent tvheadend configuration are saved. You probably want persist him.

/records is an extra directory for recording video or for timeshifting. I mount it on /tmp who is a tmpfs mount in my host, because of the bad performance of SD cards storage.

If you want to persist video records, you should mount an external HDD.

Port 9981/tcp is used for the HTTP interface. Go to http://my-raspberry-pi-ip:9981/ in a web browser to configure it.

Port 9982/tcp is used for HTSP stream


Fork me and make Pull Request :

Note that the build takes nearly an hour on a Raspberry PI model B

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