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IMPORTANT: This image is deprecated. Migrate to romancin/rutorrent or romancin/rutorrent-flood
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This is a completely funcional rutorrent 3.7, rtorrent 0.9.4, libtorrent 0.13.4 and a lot of plugins for rutorrent, like autodl-irssi, filemanager, fileshare and other useful ones.

Based on ALinuxNinja compose, updated base image, changed rtorrent/libtorrent version and installed extra plugins:
Also installed and selected by default this awesome theme:

Tested and working on Synology devices, but should work on any x86_64 devices.

Map any local port to 80 for rutorrent access
Map any local port to 443 for SSL rutorrent access
Map any local port to 51412 for rtorrent

Default username "admin" with password "admin"

Important directories:
/home/rtorrent/Downloads (Default rtorrent Download directory)
/home/rtorrent/session (Default rtorrent Session directory)
/home/rtorrent/watch/ (Default rtorrent watch directory)
/backup/ (Directory for storing backups. Very useful to update container.)
You should map this to directories outside container.

You must edit /home/rtorrent/.rtorrent.rc to put your specific watch subfolder configuration.
I have added ICEcoder to the image to easier editing directly from the web. Access it on http://containerip:port/ICEcoder

I have added different scripts in /scripts directory: - Do backup of configuration in /backup/<formatted date> directory - Do restore of configuration from /backup/<formatted date> directory. The script lists directory /backup before restoring - Change admin password for web access to rutorrent - Regenerate SSL Certificates - Updates rtorrent/libtorrent to latest version - Updates rutorrent to latest version

Changelog (Also available in /changelog.txt file inside container)

V0.9 5/10/2016

  • Updated OS base image
  • Updated rutorrent to current commit

V0.8 17/3/2016

  • Initialized irssi configuration for autodl-irssi
  • Changed memory_limit and max_post_size in php.ini

V0.7 4/3/2016

V0.6 3/3/2016

  • Added backup/restore scripts error control
  • Added backup/restore of autodl-irssi settings
  • Added possibility of changing web password access after restoring
  • Added SSL Support to NGINX and added script to regenerate SSL certificates


  • Fixed upload size nginx and php. Increased from 2M to 10M. It should be sufficient for upload torrents.
  • Fixed restore scripts to apply correct permissions
  • Added ratiocolor plugin


  • Added Backup/restore scripts


  • Added rtorrent update script (It updates to rtorrent 0.9.6/libtorrent 0.13.6. Not recommended for certain private trackers.)
  • Added rutorrent update script


  • Added extra plugins


  • Initial version
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