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dockerized pyload download manager
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Dockerized PyLoad download manager.

Container environment

Included software

  • Alpine Linux 3.4 (stable)
  • Python2
  • py-curl
  • py-simplejson
  • py-feedparser
  • py-crypto
  • baker
  • pyOpenSSL
  • Spidermonkey
    Everything is bundled in the newest stable version.


  • latest: latest released stable PyLoad version
  • latest-git: latest stable PyLoad version from git
  • vX.X.X: stable version tags of Pyload (e.g. v0.4.9)

Build-time arguments

  • UID: User ID of the pyLoad user (default 1502)
  • GID: Group ID of the pyLoad user (default 1502)

Exposed ports

  • 8000: PyLoad Webserver


  • /config : PyLoad configuration


  • Pull the image: docker pull rootlogin/pyload
  • Run it: docker run -d --name pyload -p 8000:8000 -v my_local_config_folder:/config rootlogin/pyload (Replace my_local_config_folder with the path where do you want to store the persistent configuration)
  • Open localhost and profit!
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