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Samba smbd daemon
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A simple fileserver built on docker.



  • /etc/fileserver: Directory containing configuration (smb.conf, afp.conf, etc.)
  • /var/lib/samba: Various Samba files (Stores authentication stuff).
  • /var/lib/extrausers: passwd, group and shadow files for the newly created users.

Usage with docker-compose

  • Download docker-compose.yml and edit it according to your needs.
  • Run docker-compose up -d
  • Your samba server is ready.

Usage standalone

Run the main container:

docker run -t --name samba \
  -v /data/docker/samba/config:/etc/samba \
  -v /data/docker/samba/lib:/var/lib/samba \
  -v /data/docker/samba/users:/var/lib/extrausers \
  -v /data/public:/data/public \
  -p 138:138 \
  -p 139:139 \
  -p 445:445 \

Management script

There is a small script included to add users and such things. You can use it with "volumes-from" in docker.

$ docker run --rm -ti --volumes-from samba rootlogin/samba manage
rootLogin/samba-base management utility
manage add_user [USERNAME] [PASSWORD]
  Adds a new user.

manage add_group [GROUPNAME]
  Adds a new group.

manage add_user_to_group [USERNAME] [GROUPNAME]
  Adds a user to a group.

manage delete_user [USERNAME]
  Remove a user.

manage password [USERNAME] [PASSWORD]
  Reset a user password.
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