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Flogo image for Exprment
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This is a commit container of the Flogo™ for Docker

This Docker image contains Flogo™ Web UI, which provides a web-based design tool and all the required dependencies to develop, test and build flows using the Project Flogo™ open source framework.

In order to run TIBCO Flogo Web UI, you must first accept the TIBCO End User License Agreement. You confirm your acceptance of the license by specifying a license argument eula-accept when running the Docker image. Failure to provide the license argument terminates the Docker container with a helpful usage statement.

The following command creates and starts the TIBCO Flogo™ Web UI server container listening on port 3303 at the host's IP address:

docker run -it -p 3303:3303 rootwzrd/flogo-docker eula-accept

To access Flogo™ Web UI, navigate to the following URL from your browser:


To report issues with Flogo™ Web UI, please use the Flogo™ issue tracker at GitHub.

TIBCO Flogo™ for Docker is licensed under the TIBCO End User License Agreement.

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