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Custom NGINX image specific to Basis Technology
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This is a customized NGINX image that is built with GeoIP and PCRE. Basic usage is docker run -d -P rosetteapi/nginx, which will assign ports 80 and 443 to random host ports.

To lock in specific ports: docker run -d -p 32780:80 -p 32443:443 rosetteapi/nginx

To use with the Basis internal configuration, see the README associated with rapid-development-tools/nginx. Then map the directory as:

docker run -d -p 32780:80 -p 32443:443 -v <conf directory>:/conf rosetteapi/nginx

NOTE: The host ports may be whatever you want. If you would like Docker to assign the ports to available ones, just use -P in lieu of the two -p arguments.

To change the configuration on the fly, run `docker kill -s HUP <container_name>

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