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Simple "Hello World" demo using EC2 Container Service
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Demo for Hello World in EC2 Container Service blog post. The blog post describes how to run the demo on ECS.

The Hello World app is written in Ruby using the Ruby 2.1.5 image and consists of 2 Rake tasks. The client takes in a message and posts a JSON message to a SQS queue.

rake hello:client['hello world!']

Sent: fbe73a51-0684-49de-9195-020c03704c9b

  "container": "909fbdc5351e",
  "payload": "hello world!",
  "timestamp": "2015-03-31T09:14:24+02:00"

The server polls the queue for messages and outputs them to stdout.

rake hello:server

Received: fbe73a51-0684-49de-9195-020c03704c9b
Container 909fbdc5351e said 'hello world!' at 31 Mar 2015 09:14:24 +02:00
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