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The Roundcube Webmail suite
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Roundcube Webmail

... is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface.

Run the container with the minimum configuration

docker run -e ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DEFAULT_HOST=mail -d roundcube/roundcubemail

Maybe map the exposed port 80 to something else on your host.

Configuration/Environment Variables

The following env variables can be set to configure your Roundcube Docker instance:

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DEFAULT_HOST - Hostname of the IMAP server to connect to

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DEFAULT_PORT - IMAP port number; defaults to 143

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_SMTP_SERVER - Hostname of the SMTP server to send mails

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_SMTP_PORT - SMTP port number; defaults to 587

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_PLUGINS - List of built-in plugins to activate. Defaults to archive,zipdownload

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE - File upload size limit; defaults to 5M

By default, the image will use a local SQLite database for storing user account metadata.
It'll be created inside the /var/www/html volume and can be backed up from there. Please note that
this option should not be used for production environments.

Connect to a MySQL Database

The recommended way to run Roundcube is connected to a MySQL database. Specify the following env variables to do so:

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DB_TYPE - Database provider; currently supported: mysql, pgsql, sqlite

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DB_HOST - Host (or Docker instance) name of the database service; defaults to mysql or postgres depending on linked containers.

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DB_USER - The database username for Roundcube; defaults to root on mysql

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DB_PASSWORD - The password for the database connection

ROUNDCUBEMAIL_DB_NAME - The database name for Roundcube to use; defaults to roundcubemail

Before starting the container, please make sure that the supplied database exists and the given database user
has privileges to create tables.

Run it with a link to the MySQL host and the username/password variables:

docker run --link=mysql:mysql -d roundcube/roundcubemail

Advanced configuration

Apart from the above described environment variables, the Docker image also allows to add custom config files
which are merged into Roundcube's default config. Therefore the image defines a volume /var/roundcube/config
where additional config files (*.php) are searched and included. Mount a local directory with your config
files - check for valid PHP syntax - when starting the Docker container:

docker run -v ./config/:/var/roundcube/config/ -d roundcube/roundcubemail

Check our wiki for a reference of Roundcube config options.

Preview: elastic skin

We have published a Docker image (tag: elastic) running the latest version of Roundcube from git master with the new "ealstic" skin. This is only meant for testing as the skin is still work-in-progress and the Roundcube build is not optimized for production.

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