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glusterfs node
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To run a single glusterfs server:

docker run --name glusterfs --privileged=true -p 111:111 -p 24007:24007 -p 2049:2049 -p 49152:49152 -h gluster1 rpau/glusterfs

The glusterfs requires a hostname different than localhost. Therefore, we set "gluster1" as a hostname.
Remember that if you want to see the logs created by gluster, you need to add the following option:

-v {absolute path of my local log directory}:/var/log/glusterfs

The glusterfs client needs to belong to the same network than "gluster1". If the client it is also a docker image, remember that you can put the client in the network adding --net=container:glusterfs when you start the docker client image.

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