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Dockerized build environment for the Paho MQTT C client library.
Full Description

Dockerized build of Paho MQTT C

The Dockerfile for this image is available here. Please note that builds are based on a fork of the original Paho MQTT C git repository as required docker files are not part of the official repository yet.

This docker image supports building the Paho MQTT C library for the following platforms:

  • Linux x86 (linux-x86)
  • Linux x64 (linux-x64)
  • Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (linux-arm11)
  • Win32 (win32)
  • Win64 (win64)


Just run the docker container. The script clones the repository and invokes all required build-tools.

docker run --rm --name paho-build --volume /tmp/paho-build:/tmp/paho-build rpoisel/paho-build <platform>

For example:

docker run --rm --name paho-build --volume /tmp/paho-build:/tmp/paho-build rpoisel/paho-build linux-arm11

The --rm parameter ensures that the container is deleted after running it because it is not needed anymore. Using the --volume parameter allows to create a bind mount to have built files available after the container quits.

After the build, built binaries can be found in the directory created for your chosen platform, e. g. /tmp/paho-build/build-linux-arm11.

TODOs / Outlook

  • Support for building the original Paho MQTT C git repository.
  • SSL builds are not supported yet.
  • Support for documentation generated by Doxygen.
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