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SphinxSearch 2.2 container, with a web application to rotate indexes
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This container, based on Ubuntu 14.04, launches SphinxSearch in the foreground, and a go based web application in the background, which accepts requests to rotate indexes:


Call with --all to rotate all indexes in your configuration file:


Launch this container from docker-compose:

    image: rpowered/sphinxsearch
    container_name: sphinxsearch
    network_mode: "bridge"
      - /etc/sphinxsearch:/etc/sphinxsearch
      - /var/lib/sphinxsearch/data:/var/lib/sphinxsearch/data

This allows your configuration and data to be stored on your host.
The web application listens on port 8080.

You can test indexing by connecting to the running container and running from the command line:

docker exec -it sphinxsearch bash
curl localhost:8080/rotate/--all


SphinxSearch will not start if there are no indexs available, so temporarily create a sphinxsearch container and index everything in the configuration file. Once complete, you can start the container normally, as above.

docker run --volume=/etc/sphinxsearch:/etc/sphinxsearch --volume=/var/lib/sphinxsearch/data:/var/lib/sphinxsearch/data -it --rm rpowered/sphinxsearch 'indexer --all'

Once running, you can add new indexes, connect to the container, and build the indexes as you need.

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